10 glowing objects were reported in the skies of Rome New York on May 18th around 1 in the morning. Did you see these objects in the sky too?

The following report comes from Mufon:

It was 9 or 10 glowing objects floating through the sky then they all one by one disappeared. Only to return again in pairs of two. I was watching the sky, looking at the stars and all of a sudden I noticed these glowing lights. At first, I thought that maybe they were some kind of spotlights in the sky, but because it was Sunday and nothing notable was going on, I started paying closer attention and realized that it couldn't be spotlights. Not with the way they were moving and blinking and how far down they went towards the horizon. It was about nine or ten objects at first. Then they one by one disappeared, returned in pairs, and then vanished again."

Did you see the same thing?

Comment bellow with what you think it may have been, or with your own report.