Can you imagine watching something fall from the sky and do a control landing into Onondaga Lake? That's what one couple claims they saw a UFO do this back in the 1970s.

The report came in from Mufon and says the following:

A very close friend recently told me about this incident, that she, her husband (now deceased), and other people saw, approximately in the 1970's sometimes - happened on Longbranch Road, along Onondaga Lake - a UFO craft entered into the lake, and did not come out - I consider this person to be very trustworthy, and she does not really like to talk about it freely to anyone outside of family and close friends - I honestly do not know what to make of this incident, for I was not there."

UFO theorist claim that UFO's land in lakes all the time. This isn't the first report to come in from Liverpool either. There are dozen of reports of UFO activity from the 1950's to the present time. One of the most recent reports comes back from July 26th of 2013. Those reports were in Syracuse. Even in Hamilton, we've heard reports of UFO's over various lakes and campgrounds.

Another incident involving a local lake was reported back in January of 2013 on Lake Ontario. The Coast Guard was called out to Lake Ontario to respond to “lights over the skies”. The Coast Guard tried to say that what people were seeing were just "flares", but that story doesn't match up to eyewitness reports from Syracuse.

So do you think that UFO's are attracted to water? Do you think they are attracted to water in this region?