Trace Adkins shows off his versatility on his new album 'Proud To Be Here,' in stores today.  You'll hear  tradition country with songs like 'Poor Folks,' the title track 'Proud To Be Here,' 'Days Like This' and 'Always Gonna Be That Way.'  If you prefer the rock sounding country, Trace covers that too with 'It's Who You Know' and 'Million Dollar View.'  You'll also hear a little blues in the song 'Love Buzz' that includes Trace's deep, sexy, baritone voice. 

Trace Adkins

What would a Trace Adkins CD be without a humorous song or two.  'It's a Woman Thang' is a cute song about men never being able to understand women.  On the deluxe edition CD, which is available at Target, there is a duet with Blake Shelton called 'If I Were A Woman.'  Although I haven't heard the song, because I don't have the deluxe copy, I'm sure it'll make you smile.  It worked for Blake with 'Hillybilly Bone.'

Trace's first song off the new CD 'Just Fishin' was a hit and the next single will be the title track 'Proud to be Here.'  The song has new meaning to Trace since losing his home in a fire earlier this year.  If you've lived on the edge most of your life, it'll have meaning to you to with the lyrics I'm just proud to be on the right side of the dirt.  I've been loved and I've been lost and I've been hurt.  I've been living on borrowed time for years and I'm just proud to be here.  Truer words have never been spoken or should I say sung.

Trace puts his heart and soul into this album and it shows.  If you're a Trace fan, you won't be disappointed.  If you're not, this CD may change your mind.