Thomas Rhett's new song, "It Goes Like This," is making his dad really nervous.  As you may know, his dad is Rhett Akins, a man who churned out several hits in the late 90's as an artist and now-a-days writes many of the big songs you hear on the radio.  So what's making him so nervous about his son's new song?  Click to find out and watch the video for the song.

"It Goes Like This," is Thomas Rhett's 3rd release from a debut album thats has already included the hits, "Something To Do With My Hands" and "Beer With Jesus."  Both songs were co-written by Thomas.  But his new release was co-written by dad, who says that makes him feel more responsible for his success.

"It’s really nerve-wracking to me to have a song on my son because his career is kind of semi in my hands," Akins adds with laughter. "My song is either going to further his career or hurt his career. This is the first song he’s put out that he didn’t write, and I wrote it, so it makes me a little more nervous.