trophy room

Trophy Room
We have seen some great photos from CNY hunters; deer, bear, moose, elk and even a bobcat.  No matter what you bag or how you bag it, we want to share your trophy with the world.  Click to upload a photo and you could win a $100 gift card from Mayhood's Sporting Goods in Norwich. And …
Maddie and Tae Sing, Dance and Fish
Some suggested they would be "one-hit-wonders" when their debut song, 'Girl In A Country Song' went to the top of the charts.  But Maddie and Tae have proven those critics wrong with their second hit, 'Fly."  They're also showing that they&apo…
Trophy Room
As the calendar rolls into fall, the trophy room morphs into hunting season.  Share a photo of your trophy hunt and and you could win a $100 gift card from Bow Guru at Lillie's Agway and Archery Shop.  Click to share your photo and check out the Trophy Room's Fishing Gallery.
Fishing Trophy Room Winner
ConFROGulations to Jesse Allen & Elizabeth Zerill who's fishing picture was randomly drawn to win a $150 Herb Phillipson's gift card compliments of Old Milwaukee.  Their catches were made on Jones Beach in Long Island.
Check out the Trophy Room Hall of Fame.  If you click …
Big Frog Trophy Room: Fishing Hall of Fame
ConFROGualtions to Lucas Carrier, our fishing Trophy Room grand prize winner.  His fish was randomly drawn to win fishing gear from Hometown Bait & Tackle in Marcy. Check out the Trophy Room Hall of Fame.  If you click on caption in the gallery below, it'll show you who caught each fish.  Congra…
Last Year One Of The Safest For NY State Hunters
We know that many of our Big Frog 104 listeners are avid hunters, as many of you have sent us photos to display in our "Trophy Room". Now new statistics indicate that last year was one of the safest seasons on record in New York State.
Big Frog Trophy Room Hall of Fame [PHOTOS]
Big Frog 104's Trophy Room was a great success! Congratulations to Trevor of Waterville for winning! Keep your eyes and ears open for our next Trophy Room contest coming up. But for now you can take a look at our first group of submissions.