road rage

Road Rage Behavior Crosses Gender Lines
It used to be that women were considered the "meeker" sex. Those days have apparently gone the way of the telephone booth according to a new survey of road rage behaviors. Now, women and men both display some unseemly, if sometimes self-justifying, driving reactions. Some of the su…
Road Rage Goes To the Race Track [VIDEO]
There are times when we would all like to get out of our cars and confront that idiot who cut us off on Route 49 or tailgated us for miles on the North-South Arterial. However we usually come to our senses and keep our cool. Not so at a Winston-Salem race track recently when drivers Derek Stoltz and…
Road Rage Kids [VIDEO]
Do have a bad temper behind the wheel?  Do you realize how ridiculous you look when you lose control?
Nothing demonstrates how childish road rage arguments are quite like a bunch of adorable British kids.  Check it out.