How To Make Working Redneck Bird Feeders
Looking to get birds in your backyard? You don't have to spend a ton of money on fancy bird feeders, you can make your own! Here's a few different redneck bird feeder ideas you can make at your home or office.
Top 5 “Redneck” Songs [VIDEOS]
With the re-scheduled Redneck Games coming up this Sunday at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds what better way to get in the mood  than singing along with our "Top 5 Redneck Songs". Get ready to sing along with Gretchen, George and all the rest!
Amazing Redneck Innovations Part 2 [Photos]
Now that the rescheduled Redneck Games is this weekend, we thought we'd throw you a second round of so-called 'innovations' from our friends at TheChive to inspire you to come or at the very least give you some creative ideas that you may not've thought of being that your collar …