Herkimer Kmart Closing in October
The Herkimer Kmart will close it's doors this fall. The latest round of closings announced by the Sears Holding Co affects the Washington Street location.
Watch New K-Mart Ship My Trousers Commercial [VIDEO]
First came 'Ship My Pants.' Then it 'Big Gas Savings' and 'Show Your Joe.' Now K-mart is letting customers know they can ship their trousers.  In time for the holidays, the cast of Scrooge is excited to 'Ship My Trousers.'
Kmart ‘Big Gas Savings’ [VIDEO]
Kmart is following up their 'Ship My Pants' ad with their 'Big Gas Savings.'  It's to promote a deal where you get thirty cents off a gallon of gasoline if you spend $50 or more. Clever or juvenile?
Awesome Guy Buys a Kmart, Donates Everything to Charity
We’ve all done it. We buy a small bag of groceries at the store to donate to a food bank. We bring toys for the tots. We buy some gloves and a scarf to put on a tree for a needy child. But few of us have done what Rankin Paynter did for his Clark County community.