What Are The Most Dangerous Jobs In America?
Being a radio announcer doesn't put me in much danger each day, unless I accidentally eat a co-worker's sandwich from the station fridge by mistake. But, there are many jobs in America that are quite dangerous. So, what are the other most dangerous jobs?
Woman Quits Job By Posting Video [VIDEO]
Most people quit their jobs either by meeting with the boss or submitting a letter of resignation. Not Marina Shifin. Marina, who works for a company that produces news videos decided to take a different tack in telling her superiors she's out of there. What do you think of her approach?
APAC Job Fair Tuesday, October 23rd
We'd like to share some positive economic news for the local economy. APAC of Utica is holding a job fair next week at Utica City Hall.
Here are details from our sister station, WIBX:
"APAC Customer Services in Utica is expanding, and is hosting a job fair to recruit new people...
Who Makes The Biggest Bucks?
Who makes the biggest bucks? The answer: radio announcers! (Just joking with that gag answer). In case you're wondering what professions pay the highest and lowest salaries, there's new research to answer that. Often, college students look at this type of information to help  determin…
Top 10 Odd Jobs
We've all had some pretty unusual jobs. I know I did before I became a radio announcer, which some of you may consider an odd job too. Anyhow, there's a new list of the 10 oddest jobs.
The Most And Least Satisfying Jobs
During the "Frog Days of Fall", things may get more hectic at work with the holidays on the way - planning time off, shopping, getting the work name it. And some people may wish they had a more satisfying job (with today's economy, most of us are just glad to have a…

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