grocery shopping

What To Buy (And Not Buy) in Bulk
We are all looking to save money and one way to do it is to buy in bulk. However, buying in quantity is not always the best way to go depending on the product. Here is a list of things to buy and not to buy in bulk.
Shoppers You’ll Always Find at the Grocery Store
I don't know about you, but the chore I hate the most is grocery shopping! From going to the store, trying to find a parking spot, getting everything you need, hauling it all in the house AND then putting it away.  But the actually shopping is the worst part.  If you're lucky enough to be in the gro…
Food Shopping-Same Price, Less Product
You might not find that your grocery shopping tab isn't going up as dramatically as some reports say but you may notice that your bag of goods isn't as heavy as it used to be. The reason? Food retailers are maintaining their prices on some goods but lessening the product size. We found a f…
Spend Less Cash With Cash
We all stroll into the supermarket each week, and sometimes stroll out with lots of grocery items we never intended to buy.  Why?  One reason may be if we are buying those groceries on a credit or debit card.