Greg's Grill

Thought For A November Day
During "Greg's Grill", we get a chance to hear it your way with requests each day from noon-1 p.m. I always think it's good to finish off the hour on a positive note with some food for thought. Today, our thought is probably one that animals lovers will appreciate.
Thoughts From A Great Thinker
As you know, America lost a great thinker and commentator recently, Andy Rooney of "CBS 60 Minutes". And, Sunday night, 60 Minutes aired a tribute to their late colleague. You could always rely on Andy Rooney to make sense out of senseless things in this world.  Today, as we f…
TGIF Thought – Beyond The Agony Of Defeat
TGIFF...Thank goodness it's finally Friday. After a good session of requests today on " Greg's Grill", and now that you've had some food for lunch, here's some food for thought. With this being the last Friday of October, I went searching for a somewhat deeper t…
Greg’s Grill May Change The World
It's always good to finish off a good lunch with a good thought. Most days, that's how we end our "Greg's Grill" requests during the noon hour. Today, we have a thought to think about the rest of the day.
A Healthy Thought For The Day
Sometimes, I find pearls of wisdom to share at the end of "Greg's Grill" with our thought for the day. Not my thoughts, but thoughts from artists, authors, performers, presidents, and more. Today we not only have interesting food for thought, but a thought that's good for…
October Thoughts To Ponder
We're really moving through the "Frog Days of Fall" big time, as here we are in the first full week of October. The leaves are changing color and falling, just waiting to be raked and raked and raked, and raked again (I think I keep raking the same leaves that just blow back from the road)…
A Fine Fall Thought For The Day
Now that we're into the "Frog Days of Fall", we can enjoy the fall foliage and ponder more warm thoughts for the day. Usually, we end our "Greg's Grill" request hour with some food for thought, and here's today's.
Funny Thoughts We Take Seriously
Now that Labor Day is over, and we look ahead to getting into our regular routine, it's time for some "Food for Thought." That's usually they way we wrap up our "Greg's Grill" Request hour at noontime each weekday.
Thoughts For A September Day From Author Oscar Wilde
Now that another "Greg's Grill" request is in the books, and maybe you've had some food for lunch, it's time for some food for thought. As we begin the brand new month of September, we have a thought for the day that is really appropriate during a tight economy where…
Food For Thought From A Legend
The Frog Days of Summer keep rolling on, and sometimes we kick back and take things a little easier. However, we still have deep thoughts to ponder. Each day, at the end of my noontime request hour "Greg's Grill", I offer up some food for thought in the form of a thought for t…
Thoughts From Bill Nye “The Science Guy”
There's plenty of summer fun on the way during the Frog Days of Summer, and many more summer thoughts. During "Greg's Grill", our noontime request hour, I usually wrap things up by saying after having some food for lunch, how about some food for thought.
Serious Thoughts From A Funny Lady
Gracie Allen is a name you may not recall, unless you're a baby boomer or older. But, if you watched reruns of the old 1950s TV show "Burns & Allen", starring George Burns and his somewhat confused, but always funny  wife Gracie Allen, you'll remember her.

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