Greg's Grill

Words Of Wisdom From Star Wars
At this time of day, I usually share some food for thought, once we've finished your requests in "Greg's Grill". Today, I found some words of wisdom from one of the Star Wars characters.
Help Me Make It Through The Lights
You  may remember the Kris Kristofferson song "Help Me Make It Through The Night". You've heard me play the Sammi Smith version on our Big Frog 104 "Country Classic Double". Now, I say "Help me make it through the lights on Genesee …
Summer Thoughts
Yes, even thought it's the Frog Days of Summer, we do have some deep thoughts at time. Each day, when we conclude "Greg's Grill" request hour at noontime, I always say, "Now that we've had some food for lunch, how about so food for thought".
Summer Thoughts From Greg’s Grill
Summertime, and the living is easy. Is it? Well, maybe if you're on vacation. If you're  spending y0ur workday with us during the Frog Days of Summer, we like to take a break during "Greg's Grill" request hour and offer some food for thought.
Summertime Thoughts
I know that July is a big vacation month, and many of you may rent camps in the Adirondacks or nearby, so thanks for letting Big Frog 104 keep you company. Whether or not you're on a work schedule (or no schedule), you've probably just had lunch. So, as I say every day on "Greg&ap…
Thoughts Even On A Friday
Yes, it's Friday and thank goodness it is! We always look forward to the weekend, especially during the Frog Days Of Summer, and this one is a busy one...Boilermaker Weekend! But, first things first. Now that you've had some food for lunch, how about some food for thought to ponder this we…
Grilling Tips From Greg’s Grill
Now that the fourth of July holiday weekend is over, we all probably had a few rounds at the grill. Seeing that I host a request hour called "Greg's Grill", weekdays at noon on Big Frog 104, I thought I should be able to offer some grilling tips.
Thought For The Day, Holiday Style
Well, by now you may be flipping lunchtime burgers and hot dogs on the grill in the backyard, and at "Greg's Grill" on Big Frog 104, we keep serving up your musical requests (even on a holiday)! And, our thought for the day never takes a day off.
Thoughts From The Thinker
As always, your excellent taste in music shows in the requests you make each day on  "Greg's Grill" during the noon hour. And at the end of the hour, I always say after some food for lunch, how about some food for thought.
Hungry For A Thought Today?
Finally! Lunchtime, and as always we serve up your requests each day at noon in "Greg's Grill" on Big Frog 104. And, at the end of the hour, we share some food for thought.
A Thought To Ponder From Greg’s Grill
Yes, it's that time of day again - lunchtime. I like this time of day, as I get to hear what your tastes in music are with your requests on Big Frog 104's "Greg's Grill", and the day is half over! And, now that we've had some food for lunch, how about some food …

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