Dog Found in Remsen Needs a Home
As one missing dog is found in Blossvale, another is without it's owner in Remsen.  This Lab/Shepherd mix showed up at a home in Remsen.  Corrine Feeley has been trying to find it's owner, without success.
Dogs Hit Jackpot with Ice Machine [VIDEO]
I know a dog that loves ice cubes. If an ice cube drops on the floor from the freezer, the dog is right there to eat it up. Do you have a dog or know a dog like this? If you do, you know how much fun these pooches would have if they could use an ice machine built into the front of a refrigerator doo…
Dog Obsessed With Air Conditioner Has the Right Idea
Large swaths of the nation are currently being blasted with extreme heat. If you happen to live one of these boiling regions, you are probably wondering how folks were able to properly function in such conditions before there was air conditioning.
Now imagine if you had to face triple-digit temperatu…
Dog Stalks a Wolf [VIDEO]
The dog in this video definitely has some concentration. Check it out. The dog in this video is stalking a wolf. The music is great in this video, too. It's cute and funny all at the same time. Now, I don't want to give away the ending, so, scroll to the bottom when you are done watching t…

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