Dog Obsessed With Air Conditioner Has the Right Idea
Large swaths of the nation are currently being blasted with extreme heat. If you happen to live one of these boiling regions, you are probably wondering how folks were able to properly function in such conditions before there was air conditioning.
Now imagine if you had to face triple-digit temperatu…
Dog Stalks a Wolf [VIDEO]
The dog in this video definitely has some concentration. Check it out. The dog in this video is stalking a wolf. The music is great in this video, too. It's cute and funny all at the same time. Now, I don't want to give away the ending, so, scroll to the bottom when you are done watching t…
Awwwww: It’s a Cat Snuggling with a Dog [VIDEO]
Are you ready for your "awwwww moment" of the day? Well, here it is. It's a video of a cat snuggling with a dog. The dog in the video doesn't look too thrilled about the whole thing, but it's really, really, cute nonetheless. Enjoy.
Polly’s Pets Play [VIDEO]
It's been a few weeks since we brought home a kitten and introduced her to our dog Molly.  At first the two didn't get along very well.  The dog just wanted to sniff her and the cat would just hiss at the dog.  Oh how time changes everything.  Both are use to each other now and spend a lot of time p…
Big Frog Listeners Side With Man in Dog Custody Battle
A couple breaks up but both want the pet.  Who should keep it?  We asked the question yesterday in the fight over Knuckles.  He's a dog one man has spent his life savings of sixty thousand dollars to get back.
The story goes; the ex girlfriend moved to California with the dog and the man wants him ba…
Man Spends $60,000 To Get Custody Of His Dog [VIDEO]
Our pets are part of our family, but how much would you spend on that pet?  One man has spent sixty thousand dollars battling his ex-girlfriend for custody of their dog, Knuckles.  New Yorker Craig Dershowitz says his ex moved to California after they broke up and stole his dog.   The…
Dog Seeing a Balloon for the First Time [VIDEO]
Hot off the Youtube presses--here's a video uploaded today showing a dog seeing a balloon for the first time. It is cute and funny all at the same time. The dog is not quite sure what to do when it sees the balloon. Check out out.
Dog Guarding Owner’s Bicycle [VIDEO]
Here is an amazing video of a dog guarding its owner's bicycle. And, if that's not amazing enough, when the owner returns to the bike, the dog gets on the back and they ride off together. Very, very impressive. Check it out. What impressive stuff can your dog do?
Polly Wogg’s New Cat Needs A Name
We have a new addition to our family.  We picked up this cute little kitten over the weekend.  Ironically, Matt and his wife picked up a new pet this weekend too.  They adopted a cat from the humane society and named her Fenway, since Matt's wife is a Boston Red Sox fan.  Our newest member of the …
Dog Excited to See Soldier Back at Home [VIDEO]
Ready for your "awww moment" of the day? Here is a video of a German Shepard named Ranger fetching a toy, and when Ranger returns with the toy, he sees his soldier back at home. The dog makes these little crying sounds and barks a bit; clearly, Ranger is happy to him...
Sleepy Dog Dozing Off [VIDEO]
We've all had the experience this dog is experiencing. You're tired, but you can't or don't want to lie down. So, you just do that thing where you start to doze off and you wake back up again, doze off and wake back up again, and on and on. Pretty funny.

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