Marlee Scott Releases “Train Wreck” Video
You may remember Marlee Scott paid Big Frog a visit back in December to premiere her song, "Train Wreck."  I remember that, and how she'll forever be known as the girl in purple boots here.  I didn't remember Vince Gill being part of the project however...
Reba – The Greatest Woman in Country Music
Reba McEntire was voted the greatest woman in country music over the last 20 years in a poll by CMT. No doubt Reba is one of the few artists to have a career last that long, man or woman.  But many other female singers chose to focus on family rather than career (Faith Hill), got tired of the limeli…
Julianne Hough Banned On CMT
Country cutie Julianne Hough isn't taking the news of her latest release "Is It So Wrong" being banned from CMT too awfully hard. As a matter of fact she is finding a little humor in it.