Bear Wheels Away Restaurant Dumpster [VIDEO]
Smarter than the average bear. That was Yogi Bear's self description but it could easily apply to a hungry bear in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The clever thief was spotted by security cameras outside of the Edelweiss Restaurant wheeling away a full dumpster of leftovers that probably seemed a b…
Rescuing Bear Cubs from a Dumpster with a Ladder [VIDEO]
I don't want to spoil the video too much for you by telling you all the details. But, the people in this video was really smart. A mother bear had lost her cubs in a dumpster. Not able to get them out, a person uses a ladder in a very smart way to get them out. Also, the people in the video used a t…
Want A Bear Hug?
Recently, a very cute video was captured in Yosemite National Park in California. The stars...two baby bear cubs playing in the road. Didn't their mama tell them it's not safe to play in the road?