Now that the leaves are changing color, and the "Frog Days of Fall" are here, we may be in more of a contemplative mood. What? So, here's a question that Men's Health magazine dealt with recently...heroes.

We all have our heroes, and our ideas on heroism. Gone are the days of movie stars and baseball players dominating that category. Today, especially since 9/11, we see our heroes as firefighters, police, first responders, members of our military, everyday working people and many others. But, there are still other people that we consider heroes.

According to a recent survey in Men's Health magazine, the "average guy":

* has four heroes

* says his dad is his hero

* says that a soldier is the most heroic

* says Batman is his favorite superhero

* 54% say that a professional athlete is one of their heroes

* defines heroism as doing what's right, regardless of personal consequences