Just call him the come back kid.  Ralph Macchio's partner fell last week on Dancing With the Stars and he was the one to pull it together on the dance floor.  This week he scored his first 10 of the season with his quickstep.  And keep in mind, Ralph is 49 years old, competing against a bunch of kids.  His knees and back gave him problems during rehearsals, but he managed to get through the very fast and demanding dance last night on ABC.

Ralph isn't on top by himself.  He shares the top spot with Hines Ward, who also saw the 10 paddle appear after his tango.  He also saw a few low scores too after getting mixed reviews from the judges

Kirstie Alley had her own troubles.  Her performance was right on the money, but her footwork left a lot to be desired.  She forgot half her steps and it didn't go unnoticed.  Her scores were from one end of the spectrum to the other.  She received a 6, 7,8 and a 9.

Chelsea Kane pushed the tradition envelope with her paso doble.  Her dance spilt the judging panel.  Two loved the new moves, two did not.

Romeo stumbled a bit this week after being in first last week.  His samba apparently didn't have the right "bounce."

Kendra Wilkinson keeps improving.  She did a great job with the tango, but not great enough to keep her out of last place

One more is sent home tonighht on ABC at 9.  My prediction this week is Kendra will go.  She should have went last week instead of Chris Jericho.  Despite Kirstie making mistakes, Romeo having the wrong bounce and Chelsea breaking tradition, Kendra is still the weakest link - goodbye.