ABC Releases Schedule for 2015 Holiday Programming
As much as we don't want the cold weather to be here, it does mean the Holiday season is coming and that means our favorite Holiday television specials. ABC recently released their schedule for the 2015 season and as always, includes some of those classic family favorites.
The Jetsons Debuted On This Day In 1962 [VIDEO]
If you like cartoons, then you'll want to know that on this day in 1962, the animated TV series, "The Jetsons" debuted on ABC-TV. And, it was the very first ABC TV show to be broadcast in color. Yes, a show broadcast in color was a big deal back then.
The Three Stooges Almost Had A TV Show [VIDEO]
Whether they're a guy thing or not, "The Three Stooges" have given us some hilarious moments. Most people say that Curly was their favorite stooge, but Moe's brother Shemp had some very funny antics as well, and they almost had their own TV show. Even though they never go…
‘Once Upon A Time’ Casts Rose McGowan as Young Cora
Rose McGowan with magical powers? Stop us if you've heard this one before. In any case, 'Once Upon A Time' fans know that, like its spiritual predecessor 'LOST,' the ABC fairytale series likes to dip into the past to showcase new sides to its characters. The latest to recieve the flashback treatment…
‘Nashville’ Picked Up by ABC, Show Trailer Hits the Web
Not too long ago, we reported that ABC staked a claim in Nashville to film the pilot for a new TV drama by the same name. Starring Connie Britton (the mainstay guidance counselor and coach’s wife on ‘Friday Night Lights’), ‘Heroes’ beauty Hayden Panettiere and a handful of other experienced stars, t…

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