It is a story of courage, love and dedication. Marine Jesse Cottle was stationed in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. It blew off both of his legs. While recovering in his hometown of San Diego he attended a swim meet where he met a beautiful young swimmer named Kelly. What happened next is a story that will touch every heart.

According to Kelly was intrigued with her new acquaintance and romance soon blossomed.

"His personality and who he is just outweighs his injuries by so much that you forget about it after a while," Kelly said.

via Photo of Legless Marine Being Carried on Wife's Back Goes Viral.

What is even more inspiring is what Jesse had to say. He said that terrible day in Afghanistan led to the happiest day of his life.

"If I hadn’t stepped on that IED I wouldn’t have met her," Jesse insists.

via Photo of Legless Marine Being Carried on Wife's Back Goes Viral.

The two were married last August and at a recent anniversary party several pictures were taken of the couple, one of which showing Kelly carrying Jesse on her back, has gone viral. Check out the video.

A wonderful story about an incredible couple. We wish them all the best!



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