Our weekly Pick It or Kick It song poll features Little Big Town's new release, "Sober."  Click to give it a listen and tell us "Pick It" if you like it, and "kick it" if you don't.

You may be saying, what happened to LBT's "Your Side of the Bed?"  For some reason, it was dropped like a hot potato after hitting the top 30.  Sometimes there doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason as to why songs make it or don't.  Perhaps it was a little too truthful.

The new release is "Sober."  Listen to it below and tell us Pick It or Kick It.

Girl's Reaction to Surprise Taylor Swift Conert Tickets

What's better than surprising your kids with a trip to Disney? Surprising your daughter with Taylor Swift concert tickets. Chase Easterwood thought she was on her way to eat sushi with her parents, after the last day of school. They were actually en route to a Taylor Swift concert.