It's old school versus new school, The King against the new guy, add your own analogy here.  Today's Pick It or Kick It new song poll, features new tunes from George Strait and the "Redneck Crazy" guy, Tyler Farr.  Click to give them a listen and tell us "Pick It" if you like it, or "Kick It" if you don't.

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George Strait has been turning out hits since 1981 and for the first time in that illustrious career, his last release didn't chart.  Funny part of the story is his wife told him he had to release, "I Believe."  George's new release (his 94th) "I Got A Car" will remind you of some his biggest hits.



Tyler Farr singer, of the hit "Redneck Crazy," named his album the same name because everyone called him The Redneck Crazy guy.  It debuted just days ago and was the best selling CD of the year for a new artist.  The song, somewhat controversial in some eyes, still made it the top of the charts.  Now comes the album's second song, "Whiskey In My Water.

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