Last week after a night of sub-zero temperatures I noticed a stray cat in my neighbors driveway licking snow for hydration. She was disheveled, malnourished and shivering. I brought out a small dish of cat food and she came running over, polishing off the food in nothing flat. I said to myself, "This is unacceptable". What happened next?

Despite the fact that we already had a terrific feline named Fenway I consulted with my wife and the decision was made to give her a chance at becoming a member of our household. We took her up to the Paris Hill Cat Hospital, had her spayed, got her all her needed shots, had her wormed and examined and then the next day brought her home. After a period of adjustment Fenway, the resident "Queen" of our household, has begun to grudgingly accept the newcomer and the feeling is, apparently, mutual. If you have room in your hearts and households look at giving a homeless pet a second chance. Contact the Stevens-Swan Humane Society, The Rome Humane Society or Spring Farm Cares for more information.