We all have our favorite Christmas tree ornaments, unless you let the family decorate the tree and just sit back and say, "Looks nice" when it's done. I always help decorate the tree with the family, and like doing it (except when the lights won't work and you can't find out why).

Over the years, there are some Christmas tree ornaments that I have, that must go on the tree. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. My Stark Trek Ornaments - There's everything from Starship Enterprise to Klingon Birds of Prey, and they light up!

2. My Brewery Ornaments - Assorted Shultz & Dooleys& Utica Club Trolleys

3. My 15 cent faded Plastic Santa Ornament - They all groan, but I've had it since I was five years old.

4. Our Kids' Pictures And Handmade Ornaments

5. My Buffalo Bills Blimp Ornament (believe it or not)

6. Ornaments the kids got from McDonald's (The Hamburgler is front and center on our tree)

Of course we have the traditional Christmas balls, figurines, lights and more, but it's those favorite ornaments that make a Christmas special. Enjoy decorating your Christmas tree with your favorite ornaments (and anything the kids make in school automatically becomes a favorite).