I remember as a kid growing up in Utica those long holiday weekends of summer, shivering at Green Lakes State Park on a cold Memorial Day, or if it was too cold for beaching it, off we would go, picnic basket and all to Chittenango Falls.

Here are some things I recall were the case on a holiday weekend:

1. Gas stations used to be closed on a holiday, so my father would make sure to get gas on the Friday before the holiday weekend.

2. We could drive just about anywhere (as gas was about 50 cents a gallon).

3. We had to get any food and picnic items before the holiday Monday as the grocery stores would be closed on that day.

4. Listening to Mel Allen announce the Yankee game on the car radio all the way back home from Sylvan Beach.

5. Looking for a store that was open to buy charcoal (what's that?)