Behind every great meal is a great Chef. At the Turning Stone's Tin Rooster at Exit 33,  it's Chef Joseph, who's not only a great Chef, but an even better person.

Chef Joseph's love of cooking came from his grandfather. 'He was a cook in World War II. He gave me that love of cooking and creating food for somebody and seeing the happiness on their face when they ate it.'

You mean something like this...


It's hard to believe this is Chef Joseph's first time cooking BBQ. 'I'm a fine dining chef. I was in New York City for 11 years. I worked in San Juan and actually came here from the St Regis hotel in Aspen, Colorado. This is my first shot at BBQ. They asked and I said 'why not.'  Cooking is cooking.'

The staff at Tin Rooster is as good as the food and it's because it's more like a family. 'It's a respect thing. A Hello and goodbye goes a long way.'

Chef Joseph not only cares about his staff's personal life, he care about their ideas and creativity in the kitchen. 'Otherwise they're just robots. I don't want a robot. I want to build somebody who can take my position. Without letting them have some creative freedom, have a voice and an opinion, he's never going to be able to grow. You have to keep growing and strive for more.'

If I didn't already love my job and the people I work with, I'd consider becoming a chef at Tin Rooster where its all about family, teamwork, great food and respect.  All the ingredients needed for a great restaurant.

Tin Rooster serves up fresh, southern BBQ Wednesday through Sunday and has live country music every weekend. See the full Tin Rooster Menu.

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