If you thought you recognized the nerd who makes out with Bar Refaeli in the GoDaddy.com Super Bowl ad, you were probably right.

His name is JESSE HEIMAN, and he's become known as the 'World's Greatest Extra,' because he's been in tons of movies and TV shows, mostly in uncredited parts.  They include the original "'Spider-Man,' 'Old School,' 'The Social Network,' 'Glee,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' 'Arrested Development' and 'NCIS,'  just to name a few.

Heiman says the ad has changed his life, 'I've actually had guys tweet me that they wish they were me, and girls tweet me saying they wish they were Bar. I have girls run up to me and take pictures with me, tweet me for dates.' He also says his agent's phone has been ringing off the hook.

Obviously, Jesse hit the jackpot. But the commercial was also a dream come true for Bar.  She says, 'I always wanted to go to a club filled with people, look around and choose the most unlikely guy that I will ever kiss or pay attention to and kiss him in front of everyone so he will be very happy. For me it was making my dream come true.'

It took 65 TAKES to get the ad right; something that apparently neither one of them minded. Bar says, 'I told [him] when we kissed he's a very very good kisser.'