Our pets are part of our family, but how much would you spend on that pet?  One man has spent sixty thousand dollars battling his ex-girlfriend for custody of their dog, Knuckles.  New Yorker Craig Dershowitz says his ex moved to California after they broke up and stole his dog.   The ex, Sara Brega says the dog was a gift and is happy in California. 

Dershowitz has started an online fundraising campaign to raise more money.  'I’ve pretty much gone through my life savings. It’s worth it. He’s a very happy dog. He’ll be happy wherever he is — especially if he’s with his dad and the friends he grew up with.'

Brega says 'Knuckles lives a happy and healthy life in California with me, where he has ample room to play, and lives in close proximity to a beach for off-leash dog-park outings.'  She also feels the fight is more about her moving on with her life than about the dog.

The couple appeared on The Today Show to tell their sides of the story.  Who do you think should get custody of the dog?

Don't get me wrong, I love our pets, but spending your entire life savings to keep an animal is over the top for me.  What do you think?