If you're having trouble picking up women, who better to help than the hottest guy in country music; Luke Bryan.  23-year-old Tommy Woolridge has never kissed a girl. That is, until he appeared on 'The View' with Luke, who helped him get his first kiss...from Jenny McCarthy.

Tommy made a video of himself trying to pick up women using Luke Bryan's lyrics.  It didn't turn out too well, so Luke invited Tommy on 'The View' to give him some lessons in wooing women. The first lesson; dancing, and who better to teach Tommy how to 'shake it' thank the sexy Luke Bryan.


Then it was onto the pick up lines. Tommy used lines from 'Crash My Party,' again with help from Luke, and it worked. Tommy not only got his first kiss, he got to MAKE OUT with Jenny McCarthy, 'one of the hottest women on the planet' according to Luke. It's a kiss that will be hard for Tommy to top, ever!


Watch the full video of Tommy trying Luke Bryan lyrics to pick up women.

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