There's a storm a brewin' over Luke Bryan and his latest song 'That's My Kind of Night.'  It started when Zac Brown told a Vancouver radio station, the tune was the 'worst song he's ever heard.'  Then Jason Aldean came out in defense of Bryan on Instagram, saying 'To those people runnin their mouths, trust me when i tell u nobody gives a crap what u think. Its a big ol hit so apparently the fans love it which is what matters. Keep doin ur thing LB!!!'  Who do you side with?  Zac Brown or Jason Aldean?


Jason Aldean/Instagram

I don't want to offend any Luke Bryan fans, and I know there are A LOT, but I'm siding with Zac Brown on this one. Although I like Luke and his music, I'm not a fan of his latest song. What do you think?