The 911 call made by the man who discovered 'Buckwild' star SHAIN GANDEE has been released. Shain, his uncle and a friend died of carbon monoxide poisoning after their Bronco got stuck in a mud pit while they were off-roading.

The caller was able to get close enough to tell they were dead and check their pulses. He said he knew who the Gandees were, because he'd been looking for them since they were declared missing.

The guy becomes increasingly emotional throughout the call. Listen to the audio:

By the way, the two production companies behind 'Buckwild' have offered to cover Shain's funeral expenses. A public service will be held on Saturday.

Some other people have been raising money for Shain's funeral. That money will now go toward helping Shain's familyand paying for the funerals of the other two men who were killed.