FINALLY, the teasing is over. Although the details are still sketchy, Garth Brooks confirms he will launch a come back, complete with new music and full tour.  Click to hear some excerpts from the press conference.

In addition to the new music and tour, Garth also said his music will come to the digital age.  In the next two to three weeks all of his earlier hits will be available for download at his website, Garth  While he didn't mention specific number, he says it will be for a "stupid price."

Garth's new music deal will be with "RCA Records" and we can expect the first release to be a double album because he has "a lot to say."  While the "powers that be" suggested he keep specific dates for an album release vague, in true Garth fashion he hinted that it would be by the end of the month.

While Garth says he is all "pent up" from not writing songs for a long time, he finds that the majority of songs on the album are not ones he has written.  That is due to two facts, the "level of songwriters currently in Nashville are strong and the layoff has left him a bit rusty."

So where will Garth's music fit into today's country landscape?  He says it wont be "bro-country or hick-hop."  It will be "Garth Music."  He added that he was the guy that "wasn't country in the 90's" so it's weird to be considered the guy that now is.

Still no details on what his new tour will entail or when it will start.  But, Garth did say the details will be revealed in the next few days.  Vowing to keep a promise he made to a kid named Andy from Atlanta, Garth will call him on July 14 and reveal the opening date and venue.

Much of the press conference was devoted to questions concerning the cancelled Ireland concerts.  Garth is still hoping a last minute deal can be struck.  In fact he's hoping so much, sound and stage equipment are still on the way to Dublin.