This may seem odd coming from a man, but that is one handsome photo of Chris Young. It's the cover art for his new single, 'Lonely Eyes.' And the song may be as good as the pic. Click to give it a listen and tell us what you think.

Chris Young struggled a bit after winning "Nashville Star" in 2006.  But once he tossed the cowboy hat, it's been hit after hit.  'Lonely Eyes' is from his 'A.M.' album that has already produced two Top 5 hits, "Aw Naw" and 'Who I Am With You.'  Give 'Lonely Eyes' a listen in the audio player below.  Then tell us in the poll at the bottom if you think the hit streak continues.

Lonely eyes
Well, it sure looks like
You just might
Be looking for something
For something, whoa
Look at me
And I think you'll see
Those lonely eyes
Don't have to be alone tonight