The average woman kisses 22 men before marriage. This startling statistic is based on a survey of 2000 British women by online dating service The survey did not include men so how many lips they try out before settling down is anyone's guess. The survey also revealed some other interesting facts.

* The typical woman would say she actually "dated" nine men -- including three long-distance relationships.

* Six guys, on average, ended up in the "total dud" file.

* The average age for having that always-special first boyfriend is 15 years old.

* Most girls will confess to having their heart broken four times -- but say they dumped five different guys.

* And while it's not exactly love at first sight, most women say they knew they'd found Mr. Right within four weeks of their first meeting.

via Premiere News & Prep.

How about you? How may liplocks did you engage in before saying, "This is the one"!