The 'Backwoods' country star is pumped to help us celebrate 25 years. I think.  'Yeah it'll be fun. Were you guys desperate or what,' Moore jokes.  Desperate to have the country star who's had three straight number one songs with 'Small Town USA,' 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away,' and 'Til My Last Day.' But Moore is humble with his success.  'We've been really lucky. It's been a lot of fun over the last four or five years to watch this thing grow the way it has.'


So what can we expect when Justin Moore hits the stage at FrogFest? 'Ah, mediocrity, at best. No, we have a good time. My band and I have been together 5 or 6 years and have gone from a van and a trailer to a couple tractor trailers and a couple buses. We have said from the get go that it's our job to go out and throw a party for a couple hours, so the people forget about a bill they gotta pay or a fight with a girlfriend. Just make people have fun. So we have a good time on stage and I've learned that becomes infectious. If you're having fun on stage then everyone in the crowd is gonna have a good time.' Looks like he'll be in the right place.


Justin Moore is doing something new this year.  'We're actually going out and headlining our own tour for the first time, which is going to be a lot of fun. It's a little nerve wracking because if it don't go well, it's all my fault. Usually when we're out with other people 'I say well it's there tour.''  Well, we're happy he added FrogFest to stops this year.

Justin Moore/Facebook


'It's hard to believe but we're fixin' to put out our 8th single to radio and a third album.'  The new single is called 'Point at You' and Justin is 'excited about it.'  So when does the new album hit stores? 'I'm usually the last person to know anything, but I would guess sometime this summer.'  He should tell someone to release it in time for FrogFest. 'You know what, if I thought they would listen, I might do that.'

'Point At You'


With a house full of women, Justin says no one listens there either. 'I'm not even the boss of my own house with a wife and two daughters. My oldest just turned 3, and she told me she wanted to be 2 again, she didn't like being 3. I told her 'honey it just gets worse from here, so you better enjoy 3.'' Ella's best two years are behind her.  Justin and Kate also have a daughter named Kennedy who won't go through the 3 stage until next year.  Luckily, Justin gets to take his family on the road with him. 'I'm fortunate they get to go out with me quite a bit. That's the only part of this business that ain't fun, is when we have to be away from our family.'  Looks like the family dog Hank gets to along too.

Justin Moore/Twitter


Justin is an outdoors man and likes to spend as much time as he can outdoors, when time allows. 'I don't get to hunt & fish as much as I'd like to. It's my passion. I killed a good deer this year and I feel alright about my hunting season.  I need to find some time to get out on the boat to try and catch some fish.'

Justin Moore/Twitter

You can follow Justin on Facebook, Twitter and his webpage.


Tickets will go on sale to the general public starting Friday March 8th at 10am and can be purchased online, by calling our 315-768-9500 or at our office on River Road in Marcy.

$20 adults in advance/$25 at the gate
Kids 10 and under are free.
$50 VIP (limited number available)
-VIP tickets include -special parking, food and non-alcoholic drinks, FrogFest t-shirt, special rodeo seating and a designated area right in front of the concert stage.