I'm getting married on June 14th, and I still have a ton to learn about domesticated life. One of which, is loading the dishwasher. I've been doing it wrong for about two years now. Today's the day to learn. 

Now I wanted to share the things that didn't seem completely obvious. I don't want to share a tip like "Make sure that food items are scrapped off of the plate". Clearly you can't put your plate full of food into this miracle maker in your kitchen. I'm not going to talk about pre-rinse, let's assume you get it. Let's skip some of the obvious tips, and go for ones you may have never thought of.


1) Plates Go In The Bottom

This may be an obvious tip, but let's go a little deeper. You should always face plates towards the center. Why? Everything in a dishwasher is designed to spray water from the center outward. If you face the plates the other way, you won't get them clean. Notice plates will lean, it's gonna happen. Try to get plates to lean inwards towards the center, not the other way around.


2) Place Your Bowls On The Top Rack

This was one of the steps I had no clue on. I've been putting our bowls on the bottom rack for over two years now! I didn't think they went on top! Also remember to stack the bowls on the incline so everything drains properly. This part should be a given, remember to put all of your tupperware on the top. If you put them on the bottom, expect them to melt a little.


3) Place Larger Utensils In The Top Section

For the past two years, I've been shoving spatulas and other utensils like that in the compartment for forks and spoons. Guess what? You're really not suppose to. Put these laying down on the top.

Long pieces of cutlery can block the spray from tubes, nozzles and rotating devices"

This tip explains a lot.


4) Make Sure Breakables Do Not Touch

I wonder why this made the list......I may or may not have had a few broken glasses because of this. Make sure you have space between your glasses. Why? Dishes vibrate during the wash. They vibrate right into each other and break.


5) Run Garbage Disposal Before Running Your Dishwasher

Think about it.... Your dishwasher is probably draining into the same pipe. Make sure the pipe is clear, or you will get nasty water in the sink.....Your cat will love it.


6) NEVER EVER Use Something Other Than Detergent Or Recommended Cleaning Powders

I thought it was a great idea one time to put kitchen dish liquid inside. My logic: They both clean, why not! Within 20 minutes, our entire kitchen was filled with bubbles. It was like living in a cloud. For a few days after the fact, the dishwasher would not run great. NEVER EVER DO IT.


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