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How To Make Working Redneck Bird Feeders
Looking to get birds in your backyard? You don't have to spend a ton of money on fancy bird feeders, you can make your own! Here's a few different redneck bird feeder ideas you can make at your home or office.
How To Naturally Make Your Grill Non-Stick
With the arrival of spring, we are once again able to enjoy grilling out doors. Are you looking to make this grilling season one of the best ever? You'll need some new tips and tricks. Did you know you can make your grill non-stick? You can even do it naturally too, here's how:
How To Avoid Touching A Hot Seat Belt
With warmer weather around the corner, it's time to talk car safety during the spring and summer. One tip I bet no one ever brings up to you is how to avoid touching a super hot seat belt in your car.
How To Find Cheap eBay Auctions Due To Misspellings
Looking to find a cheap eBay auction to bid on? People misspell a ton of things on the internet. When they do this on eBay, generally people don't see the items they are trying to sell. Being able to find those items, can make you own it for much cheaper than it's worth.

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