Oh you think you know someone from Upstate New York? Think again. We are ticking time bombs if you mention any of the following things to us:

1) "Are You From New York? You Must Love The City!"

Oh that's right, you think I'm from New York City.... Actually, I live in Upstate New York. I drive pass farm land, drive through towns, and the city I drive in has three big buildings. Not all of New York is the Big Apple. Have you ever heard of the Adirondacks? Maybe you haven't seen the commercials where it clearly states that the park is over 6 million acres, "Larger than several states in New England, bigger even than Yosemite."


2) Forget How To Drive In The Winter

We can tell you don't belong in our area of the state when it literally just starts snowing, and you already start driving 20 miles per hour on the highway. It takes a certain breed of drivers to live in this area. If you can't handle a little ice, or a little snow, don't drive in the left lane on the Thurway.


3) Comment On How Cold It Is Here....OR The Amount Of Rain

What do you think Upstate New York is... Florida? We have two seasons: Winter and Rain. Enjoy. It's going to be cold all year, even in the summer. If you can't handle it, move to North Carolina.


4) Complain We Don't Have Enough Starbucks

Are you serious right now? I'm sorry we don't have Central Perk to sit in all day and drink Starbucks coffee. This is Dunkin' country. If you don't like it, buy the coffee from the gas station.


5) Be Anything But A Yankee And Mets Fan

Oh you love the Red Sox? You like people throwing garbage at you? If you're not a Yankees fan, or Mets fan, you better just get used to people constantly making fun of you. Did your mother hate you growing up? Why would you NOT love the Yankees?


6) Dissing New York State Beers

Oh you want to drink a great beer? Keep it in the Empire State. We have Saranac from Utica, Genesee in Rochester, Ommegang in Cooperstown, plus Lake Placid, Galaxy, and the list goes on.


7) In Buffalo, Buffalo Wings Are Just Wings

Seriously, people in Buffalo get super angry if you call them Buffalo Wings. Be careful. You don't want all of Western New York mad at you, you'll end up in a barrel in Niagara Falls - and that never ends well.


What would you Add?

Comment bellow and help us complete our list.



[Inspired by Matador]

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