Do you believe in spirits? I've always been open to thinking anything is possible and after speaking with medium Maureen Hancock, I really do believe. 

Maureen who was a comedienne, suffered a bad car crash that broke all the bones in her face.  After the crash she started hearing voices that she ignored for awhile. When she started listening, she started making a difference in the lives of the living.  She definitely made a difference in mine.

Maureen had no idea she would be speaking with me when we called her. I didn't give her any information on myself, to see if she was the real thing or just another person who 'claims' to speak with spirits.  I can tell you Maureen is the real deal and you can listen for yourself below.

Maureen channeled both my grandmothers, who have passed, asking if their names started with M-A-R.  Their names were Margaret and Marion.  She also spoke with my cousin and asked if he died suddenly, long ago since he was saying 'it's been awhile. Thanks for remembering me.'  My cousin was killed in a drunk driving accident almost 20 years ago.

Maureen also talked about someone close to me, who was still living with the letter J.  My brother's names is Jamie.  She said grandma was telling her he was fine but was needing help.  When I checked with my brother, it turned out the bank had lost his check that was to cover his rent for the month.


Maureen Hancock & Polly Wogg

Would you like to talk with Maureen?  We'll be choosing two people every Friday to speak with Maureen and you can get all the details below.  You can also learn more about Maureen at her website.

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