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Maureen Hancock – Postcards From Heaven 2014 [PHOTOS, VIDEO]
Medium Maureen Hancock brought Postcards from Heaven to the Dr. James Meyer Community Performing Arts Center in New Hartford on Saturday August 30. The evening included Maureen describing her abilities and her amazing story of survival that she details in her book, Postcards from Heaven.
Maureen Hancock – Postcards from Heaven in New Hartford
Spirit Medium Maureen Hancock brings Postcards from Heaven to the Performing Arts Center in New Hartford on Saturday night August 30. Want to learn about Maureen's ability and the special history of the Postcards from Heaven location? Here is a full primer to get you ready for the show.
Maureen Hancock Talks With Kristen On ‘Medium Monday’ [AUDIO]
It was nearly one year ago that we first met Medium, Maureen Hancock.  While I've always had the feeling there was a spirit life of some kind out there, Maureen made it obvious when she did a reading with Polly over the phone.  We were blown away, to say the least.  Since then we have had Maureen's …

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