Hank Williams Jr. is speaking out against 'Fox & Friends' and ESPN in the best way he knows how; musically.  He's released a new song, 'Keep the Change,' which blasts the two networks. One lyric says, "So Fox 'n Friends wanna put me down/ Ask for my opinion, twist it all around."  Bocephus is even giving fans the change to download the song for free for the next 48 hours on his website.  Take a listen.

Hank's Monday Night Football opening clip on ESPN was removed after he made an anaolgy saying President Obama and House speaker John Boehner playing golf together was like Adolph Hitler playing a round with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hank will be on ABC's The View and Fox News' Hannity today to discuss the controversy. In a message on his website, Hank says, "Whoopi [Goldberg] and Joy [Behar] understood what I was saying. After watching the clip of their show, I knew I needed to talk to them first. Who knows Whoopi may run for president and I'll be her vice president...now that will really stir it up!"