Hank Williams Jr. is ready for some football, even if the NFL isn't.  He was in Winter Park, Florida to tape the "Monday Night Football" opening theme.  Hank Jr. shot the video at Full Sail University, surrounded by students, teachers, the production staff and more than 200 extras.

It's amazing to think Hank Jr. began the "Monday Night Football" theme as a one year deal.  22 years later he says it's become an "American signature" to Monday nights.  Take a behind the scenes look of the video shoot and hear what Hank has to say.

If the new football season begins as planned, the first "Monday Night Football" game will air on ESPN September 12th.

I don't know about you, but I'm definitelyready for some football.  There are rumors both sides are close to a deal in the NFL lockout.  They better figure something out soon or we'll be watching a SuperBowl in April, have a shorter season or have no season at all.  And winters in Central New York are only bearable because of football.  There's no way I can take up skiing again.  I'll break a leg.  And how can I beat the boys again in fantasy football if there is no season.