As a parent, I remember the days of trick or treating with the kids. Today, one of the biggest events of the "Frog Days of Fall" is here...Halloween! Our kids are beyond the trick or treat days, but I thought I would share some safety tips we learned over the years.

Here are a few helpful ideas for trick or treaters tonight:

1. Make sure a parent or adult goes trick or treating with the kids.

2. Carry a flashlight and maybe have mini-flashlights for the kids. It gets dark early these days, and this helps drivers see you better on the road.

3. Try to make sure that the trick or treaters wear some reflective clothing or patches that will also improve their visibility at night.

4. Avoid costumes with long robes and capes that kids can trip over.

5. Tell the children not to eat the candy while trick or treating, but wait until they get home so you can go through it with them.

6. Convince the older kids that they can into trouble if they toss eggs and spray shaving cream and silly string on other people's property.

7. Have the kids, walk, not run and take their time.

8. Have a Happy Halloween!