A gun shop in Norwich New York called Heading Due North is causing a stir.  The owner, David Francis isn't a fan of President Obama and he's not afraid to show it.  Two signs have been posted at the shop, one of the door, one of the sidewalk, criticizing anyone who voted for Obama or Governor Cuomo.

The sign on the door reads 'If you voted for President Obama or Governor Cuomo, you are not welcome in this store. Your actions have had a negative impact on the country and this business.'

Heading Due North/Facebook

The pictures on Facebook, along with the following message, appeared after a proposal to allow Obama to take some gun control action without going through Congress was revealed.

Heading Due North/Facebook

New York becomes the first state to tighten gun restrictions after the Newtown shooting with new legislation passed today.

Wilson tells CNY News,

'The second amendment is about a freedom that we have. The premise of using Connecticut as a role model or justification for further gun control is wrong, and it’s an actual disgrace to people who have been harmed from the incidents in Connecticut. It’s the act of a madman. We’ve had gun-free school zones for years since the early 1990s. We’ve had a continual increase in violence since the nineties. We need meaningful legislation to curb the problem. Taking firearms from law-abiding citizens is not the answer.'

Source: CNY News