'I Believe' will be the 93rd single of George Strait's illustrious career, but it may be the first that his wife, Norma, made him release. George says he was moved to write the song following the Newtown shootings, but at the same time was very unsure about releasing the song. Click to watch George share the story behind the song and listen to it and tell us what you think.

George's daughter, Jennifer was killed in a car accident at the age of 13.  He says he knows how the families in Newtown felt the day of their tragedy.  While he was moved to co-write the song with his son, Bubba and assistance from Dean Dillon, George didn't want to cause more pain for the families.  Watch the video as he explains more of the story behind his wife's insistence that he record the song.  Give the entire song a listen below and tell us what you think.

These lines in the song certainly ring true for residents of the Mohawk Valley with all the recent flooding.

The rivers flow now that used to be dry
As people all over the world start to cry
But I believe