Is Shelbie Z Blake Shelton's ticket to a 4th win on 'The Voice?' The sassy country girl impressed during her audition, getting a three chair turn with 'Here For the Party.' The battle rounds had Blake comparing her to Kelly Clarkson after singing 'Don't You Wanna Stay.' But will she stay?


Being on Team Blake

Shelbie Z is getting ready for the knock-out rounds.  Each artist sings a song of their choice and receives one-on-one help from their coach, which must be a lot of fun when your coach is Blake Shelton 'Blake is crazy awesome. I couldn't ask for a better coach, honestly,' says Sheblie Z.


Mentor Cher

Not only did Shelbie Z get to work with one of her idols, she was mentored by Cher, which was a big thrill for Shelbie, 'I flipped out. I had to get me a hug. We Southerners, we don't shake hands, we hug.'

Country With Sass

Shelbie Z is a Southern country girl with sass and she's hoping to fill a hole in country music. 'I'm more an outlaw country I guess you could say. I really want to do stuff like Hank Williams Jr. and Loretta Lynn. I really want to get back to the older roots but still stay current.'

What's Really in That Cup

Although Shelbie Z isn't allowed to tell us what song she's chosen to sing in the knock-out round next week, we tried to get her to tell us what's really in Blake Shelton's Starbucks cup. 'Definately not Starbucks or water. I'm not exactly sure what it is but my best guess is Jack and Sprite.'

The knock-out rounds begin Monday on NBC at 8pm.

Shelbie Z Interview

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