The battle rounds are underway on 'The Voice' and #TeamBlake lost one but gained two.  Blake Shelton used both his steals to pick up NIc Hawk and Briana Cuoco.  He also paired his two country singers, Justin Chain and Shelbie Z to sing 'Don't You Wanna Stay,' a song Blake has performed with Kelly Clarkson before.

After their performance, Blake was torn on who to keep. 'Justin would have kicked the hell out of me, compared to what I did. Holy crap, Shelbie Z delivered what Kelly did. When that kind of chemistry is happening it's like containing lightening. I can come with a bunch of analogies in order to keep from having to pick somebody.' Blake did finally pick Shelbie Z to move on to the next round, sending Justin home.

Justin Chain & Shelbie Z 'Don't You Wanna Stay'

#TeamBlake grew after he used both his steals.  Blake picked up Briana Cuoco from Team Xtina. Her performance of 'House of the Rising Sun' blew me away.  Blake had to fight Cee Lo, but Briana wisely choose to be on Team Blake.

Poor Cee Lo, who tried to get Briana to join his team during the blind auditions too. Blake being Blake had to rub it in, of course.

Jacquie Lee & Briana Cuoco 'House of the Rising Sun'

Blake's other steal of the night was an odd one. He picked up the flamboyant Nic Hawk from Adam Levine's team, even though he was upset Nic flirted with Adam more than him during the blind auditions. After Adam let Nic go, Blake pushed his steal button saying 'Oh Adam you messed up so bad.' It's an odd match but I'm excited to see what these two will do together.



Grey & Nic Hawk & 'Domino'

The battle rounds continue tonight on NBC at 9pm. The Voice Kicks Off With Shelbie Z First to Join Team Blake