"We're locked, cocked and ready to rock."  Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry says he and Troy Gentry are excited to see their friends and rock the Utica Rome Speedway for Wild West FrogFest & Rodeo July 23rd.

For 17 years Montgomery Gentry has been entertaining crowds and that's 'Something to Be Proud Of.' Eddie and Troy appreciate every moment and all the friends they've met along the way. "Thank God for all our friends. We ain't never called nobody fans. We call them friends and they are the reason we're still in business," says Eddie.

Make sure they lock the gates and bolt the doors because we've been known to party all night long

Friends of Montgomery Gentry know they are the same guys on and off the stage; two Kentucky boys who are just 'Folks Like Us.' "With us, what you see is what you get," says Eddie. "We're just about the working class people that love America."

Before being country music stars, Montgomery Gentry are friends first and plan to perform and make music for years to come. "When we put this duo together, we came out of the honky-tonks and we've always been friends," says Eddie. " It's going to last forever because we actually have video tape on each other."

Despite their success, the past few years have been rough for Montgomery Gentry. Eddie battled colon cancer, was served with divorce papers, closed his restaurant and dealt with the death of his son. Troy's wife was even diagnosed with breast cancer.  Despite their life being a country song, Eddie is still smiling. "That's why they call it livin' life. You think it's going to beautiful every day, it just don't work out that way. The man upstairs has blessed me."

Time flies when you're having fun and Eddie says he and Troy hope it never ends. "If I'm dreaming, I don't want nobody to pinch me and wake me up."

Montgomery Gentry joins Eric Paslay as part of FrogFest this year and Eddie hopes the crowd is ready to party. "Make sure they lock the gates and bolt the doors because we've been known to party all night long."

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