frogfest 28

Eric Paslay Tries Pronouncing New York Towns
There are several places in New York that are hard to pronounce. Canandaigua, Canajoharie, Oswegatchie and Sklaneateles to name a few. During a Kubota Conversation with Eric Paslay at FrogFest, we see how well he can pronounce a few.
Did We Catch You at FrogFest This Year?
If you can name it, we probably caught it on camera at Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo at The Utica-Rome Speedway! We got it all, from country couples to future FrogFest fans!
Watch People Share Their Extreme NSFW FrogFest Confessions
It was another great year for Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo. Before the show, we joined some country music fans "preparing" for the show, and asked what their craziest FrogFest memory was...that they remembered of course. We got some pretty interesting answers and let's just sa…

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