It's been almost two years since Trailer Choir's Big Vinny was on the Biggest Loser, but how's he doing today?  I checked in with one of our favorite FrogFest guests and he's not only kept the weight off, he's training for something new.

New Goal

Vinny says he's set a new goal 'I want to be Big Vinny in a different way. I want to do a body building competition. What better way to end the process and be an example to others than by going from 453 pounds to competing in body building competitions.'

Vinny has worked hard to get himself down to 16-18 percent body fat. 'Most people average out and live at 20-22 percent body fat. I'm in as good a shape as I could possibly be and I wanna be ripped.  Then Mark Wahlberg better watch out.'

Vinny has been told on several occasions, he looks a lot like Wahlberg.  What do you think?

Vencent Van-Zant Hickerson/Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Keys to Success

So what's the key to Vinny's success? Commitment. 'I don't care who you are, or how you lost weight, it's still up to the individual to make it their lifestyle and keep that weight off.  Most people don't know this, but the reason it's so hard to keep the weight off is when you were big before, the fat cells you created don't go away. All you have to do is fill them back up. Originally you had to build a fat cell, then fill it up with fat. This time, all you have to do is fill it up with fat.'

For Vinny, it's an every day choice. He doesn't even believe in having a cheat day. 'If somebody is addicted to cocaine like I was addicted to food, you wouldn't say every Sunday you can have all the cocaine you want. So you have to realize for the rest of your life you're going to eat healthy.'

It all seems to be working. I can see the six-pack forming.

Vencent Van-Zant Hickerson

Find Your Passion

When you set your goals, remember they are your goals 'You're always going to have somebody telling you this is better for you or this is what you should do, and the truth is, you have to find what you enjoy doing. If it's not what you want, then you'll never maintain, because you don't have a passion for it.'

Vinny's passion is lifting weights and from the looks it, a whole lot of weights!

Vencent Van-Zant Hickerson

Biggest Loser Return

Vinny will be back on the Biggest Loser this season for an update on past contestants. He says he was out one night in Nashville when be bumped into the woman who does PR for the show. 'She said, 'You look like Vinny.'  When I told her I was Vinny, she said 'Oh my god, you're so big.  I have to send a picture to Biggest Loser.' The next day they called me to tell me they wanted me to be part of their updates.'

There's no word on when Vinny's episode will air, but when we find out, we'll let you know.  The crew has already filmed his update. Vinny posted at picture of filming in his kitchen.

Vencent Van-Zant Hickerson

Vinny has a new lease on life.  He's not only hot and healthy, he's now a married man. He and Lori Diaz tied the knot last October.  They even shared beautiful pictures from their big day and a video. The happy couple will celebrate their first anniversary in three days. Happy early anniversary!  May you celebrate many more in the years to come.

I better get a ticket to your first body building competition, or at least pictures and video from the big day!

Trailer Choir at 2008 FrogFest

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